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Urgent services

Unforeseen circumstances can sometimes mean that companies or individuals require translations with a much shorter turn-around time than usual. When this happens, streamlined project management is essential to avoid sacrificing quality.

An urgent translation service requires special handling and a tailor-made budget. This is no problem for our efficient project management team and will not impact the final quality. Norak is committed to ensuring the rigour and professionalism you expect at all times.

However difficult the challenge may seem, you can entrust it to our professionals. They will act diligently to offer you the best possible solution for your situation.

In the case of specialised translations such as technical translation, there is an dded requirement for experience in the sector, extensive knowledge of business processes, and mastery of the terminology of the field in question.

In addition, Norak places efficient software and content processing tools at your disposal, which are crucial for some specialised types of translation, in order to guarantee consistency, and terminological accuracy, as well as to speed up the process and reduce costs.

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